BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 25: Adam Blair of the Broncos runs onto the field before the NRL First Preliminary Final match between the Brisbane Broncos and the Sydney Roosters at Suncorp Stadium on September 25, 2015 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images)

The Broncos’ judiciary fight has not paid off, with Adam Blair set to spend a week on the sidelines after failing to downgrade his dangerous contact charge.

In a blow for Brisbane, Blair will miss Sunday’s clash with Cronulla after the judiciary found him guilty of hitting Rabbitohs halfback Adam Reynolds around the head in last Friday’s showdown at Suncorp Stadium.

Brisbane thought they had a case to argue, claiming that the pair actually clashed heads instead of Blair making contact with a swinging arm.

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  1. Blair is a serial offender,, in his defense he should have been stated he 6’13 & Reynolds is 4’9 . . .

  2. The story is about Blair, he will surely make test squad. However I’d like to ask a question at Panthers fans! Is there a reason why Elijah Taylor never gets selected anymore? He has solid defence with the best line speed and can ball play when needed.

  3. 1 week. haha big daddy Wayne holds too much sway over the game.
    should of been at least 2 weeks.

    • To be fair, if Taupau only got a week for his hit then Blair shouldn’t get any time at all, lmao. (but he should, and this is coming from a Broncos fan).
      Actually kinda also excited to see youngsters have a time to shine at the Broncos.

      • taupau should of got 2 weeks. What was he thinking. Blair is and always has been a grub his record alone should of gotten him 3 weeks. Glenn Stewart needs to teach him a lesson again haha ray warrens commentary throughout that is pure gold..

        • Ah the 5 (manly)on 1 (Melbourne) battle of of Brookvale, the funny thing was Brett Stewart injuring himself trying to crash tackle Blair

        • Yeah from I saw that big bitch Stewert got his ass handed to him til his mutt brother and four manly guys
          Jumped him 5 on 1 typical manly lol 🖕🏻🖕🏻
          Only justice is Brett got injured trying to King hit Blair lol

    • Great question. Did Smith even get cited??? I didn’t see him named on the charge sheet on NRL website

      • I’ll answer my own question. He wasn’t even cited. Major BS.

        NRL just favour’s certain teams all the time. Time for a new break away comp if they aren’t careful!!

        • If really is a joke isn’t it. I knew wouldn’t charge him. Guys Gould should be blowing up about this big time. Bigger that Robinsons go at them cause this is even worse ! Klemmer Thurston and now Smith all get off but Mc Kendry doesn’t ??? Wtf is going on ….

        • Dogs since 1977 even though Klemmer got of he still got cited and charged. Cameron smith didn’t even get cited the NRL is a joke.

    • Nope he didn’t what about Thurston touching the ref nothing got said lol
      No punishment yet a avg player brushes up against a ref two three weeks
      Yet Thurston Smith Slater the big names get off

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