In a major boost to the club young gun Jack Bird has signed a contract extension which will see him remain at the Sharks through until at least the end of the 2017 season.

The 2015 NRL Rookie of the Year, Bird has agreed to new terms for 2016 and a 12-month extension into 2017, with Sharks coach Shane Flanagan pleased the club has been able to come to terms with the outstanding youngster.

“The members and fans might wonder why it all took so long, but I was always confident he was going to stay. It was just drawn out due to the details of the contract,” Flanagan said. “He has a long career ahead of him and it started here so we look forward to having him around for a few more years.

“Young players like Val Holmes, Ricky Leutele and Sosaia Feki are the future of our club and its great Jack will also be a part of it.”

After signing on the dotted line Bird spoke with anticipation and relief, in putting to rest continued speculation as to his immediate future.


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      • I detect a chauvinistic reply there putting “ladies” in brackets and not showing them that they are even with gents?
        Careful the journos will be after you.

  1. A 1 year resigning isn’t exactly a vote of confidence from Bird about his playing future with won nothing Sharks
    As said before where there is smoke there is fire!

  2. He only signed a 1 year contract because he is waiting for the new salary cap $. To have him secured for until 2018 is awesome news for the Sharks.
    Hold on peeps this just could be the year of the Shark.
    Marldon come on mate even you could say some nice words about the Sharks and how bright our future is looking!

  3. I expect Ronald, aka Marldon, aka Flakewithchips etc etc will awaken and add his usual insightful and positive contribution shortly. There’s really not much he can say apart from a personal slur on the individual concerned in Jack Bird for his choice of Sharks over Drags. Ronald aside, this is a good thing for both Bird and the sharks. All that remains now is to see where he plays. Centre is best fit IMO. Happy problem for Flanno.

    • Well thank you for the half complement there. I am glad that someone can at last see that my contribution is insightful and not just going with the flow like most posters. I try to tell it as I see it and expose the bad side underneath the gloss that is often put on things these days particularly by the sharks. On a positive note, I must say that the sharks do seem to be becoming a little more professional in what they do. If we had to have ASADA to force that on them then sharks fans should rejoice at that. Personally I think that Dave Smith did a lot of good in trying to put them on the straight and narrow. You never know, they may eventually make a reasonable NRL club yet.

      As for Jack Bird, I have always said that I rate the lad. Him and Valentine are far to good a players to waste their careers at Cronulla. I was disappointed to read that the lad hadn’t chosen to go to the Dragons where I think he would have blossomed playing alongside some great players like Marshall and Widdop and in a more professional set up. Still, the lad had the common sense only to sign for a year and maybe another year of failure will help him see the light.

      Definitely a good thing for the sharks, not a good thing for Jack would be my conclusion.

      • Fair call old mate even if a bit tongue in cheek about the compliment and contribution etc. Good to see you are acknowledging the positive things happening at the Sharks As for ASADA there is no doubt the Cronulla club handled things much better than Essendon and the AFL all be it with a slightly different scenario and the small matter of the burden of proof and evidence being a difference. The Sharks are now a pretty professionally run outfit with a very sound financial grounding.

        And as for Jack Bird, it is drawing a pretty long blow to describe the Dragons halves as “great”. In what way do they classify as “great”? Marshall is on his last legs and has more bad games in him than good. Widdop is solid and professional but hardly a creative genius that can nurture a young star. The jury is still also well and truly out on McGregor’s coaching ability alongside Shane Flannagan who is no rookie coach. I think there is far more option for Bird to develop his game at Cronulla playing outside a guy like Maloney and off the back of a very good forward pack with guys like Graham & Lewis who are creative and will provide attacking opportunities for a good centre where I believe he will ultimately play. He has far more versatility and positional options at Cronulla and whats more seems happy to be there. The Sharks have a lot more upside this season than the Drags IMO. We’ll see how it goes.

        • Marshall captained NZ. Widdop plays for England. Both of them are clean living players, the kind of role models you would want your kids looking upto.

          Gallen on the other had is a thug, a bully, a ball hog and a drug cheat.

        • Correct. Marshall once captained NZ. Can now not even make their side. That’s why he is on the decline and has nothing whatsoever to offer Bird’s football development apart from how to miss a tackle or throw a pass to the guy in the 3rd row of the stand. Widdop plays for England. says it all. Maloney was, and probably has a case to still be. an origin 5/8 in the best standard of footy in the world. As far as role models for his character go I couldn’t comment although Marshall has had “night club” issues in the past. Gallen is captain of his state and still one of the first chosen to wear the green and gold. I hear a lot of guys say they want to play for Gal but don’t hear of too many that want to play for Gareth or Benji.

          Bird has made a sound choice and will develop into a very good player right where he is.

        • But what bird needs now at his age is not the whizz bang superstar hell bent on furthering his own career but a mature head who has been there and done that. Marshall can fill that role, there are better but not at the Cronulla club. As for Widdop, don’t be fooled, he is better than he looks. He was very creative when he made his NRL début but was schooled by Bellamy, Cronk and Smith. He has since learned to temper creativity with timing. The two of them together would be fine mentors for both Bird and Holmes.

        • I will respect your opinion on that point but still believe Bird’s game will develop just fine at Cronulla. As a club, the sharks have progressed more than you give them credit for and hopefully for all us fans will prove it to you this year.

        • Is it not a little hypocritical to say bird should have gone to the dragons to be surrounded by good role models like widdop and marshall (who I agree are terrific role models) instead of staying at the sharks where they employ gallen. Gallen may hog the ball etc but as far as I know he has never been arrested or broken a law. However you want bird to go to a club which willingly employed a guy (Packer) who curb stomped an unconscious man? Gal aside, I feel that the sharks have plenty of experienced players for bird to learn from like Maloney, Lewis, Ennis and Heighington (all pros who have won comps before).

      • “…maybe another year of failure will help him see the light.”

        He was NRL Rookie of the year with the Sharks last year.

        You continuously spout the worst kind of crap Marldumb.

        • And where did the sharks end the season ?

          had more points scored against them than they scored and were bundled out of the finals early doors.

          that premiership ring won’t be wearing jack’s finger out anytime soon.

    • As for this being a happy problem for Ned it isn’t. He will just flip a coin and hope for the best like he usually does.

        • Paul Gallen hogs everything else.

          The Sharks are the only club in the country where they have training sessions on passing the ball to Paul.

  4. Marldon stop being a little bitch and go to your room while I hog your wife some more

    • Now then Bill, I know full well that Paul would have to put the ball down to do that and you know full well how the Captain hates to tp let go of the ball. I am surprised he ever lets the other kids at Cronulla play with it. Perhaps he needs to learn how to share first ?

      • Nice response, I may not agree with a lot of your opinions but there is no need for such filth from other contributors. When you resort to personal insults you prove to the rest of the world that you aren’t intelligent enough to be able to win an argument using logic.

        • Thanks moe.

          My views may not align with the majority and I am often deliberately go over the top to get my point across but they are my opinions and I have a right to hold them and express them even if certain people don’t like that.

          I acknowledge that the sharks have made some progress towards becoming a more professional organisation but I also believe that they still have a very long way to go before they fully redeem themselves and become a club that is worthy of being called an NRL club.

    • Its been every team in the comp according to posters on ZT. I have had the Tigers about 3 times I think.

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