GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 19: Greg Bird of the Titans throws a pass during the round three NRL match between the Gold Coast Titans and the Wests Tigers at Cbus Super Stadium on March 19, 2016 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Jason O'Brien/Getty Images)

Greg Bird has revealed he plans to play on in 2018 but admitted the Gold Coast Titans may not want him.

Bird will suit up for his 218th NRL appearance in Friday night’s derby against the Broncos at Cbus Super Stadium.

The 32-year-old has started the season in peak form and is contracted to the Titans until the end of next year.

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  1. Good on him. He’s been in great form and he will be a much needed player for the Blues too.

    • I can’t stand the face he pulls when he’s trying to milk a penalty . he’s lost us many an origin game just like gallen. hogs hogs hogs

  2. Don’t like Big Bird as a person or a player. He is second only to Captain Boofhead in Ronnies Most Odious Player stakes (though Todd Carney pushes him very close). Having said that, he does some good work for the Titans on the field and at the moment, I guess they need him.

    My view is that the Titans should keep him on short low value contracts until they can secure someone better.

  3. All these players wanting to extend in 17 and 18 year careers are not doing thier bodies any favours in latter life and possibly even in their 40s. Also some them will succumb to career ending injuries such as Watmough and Slater are possibly facing and wont get to hang up the boots on happier terms.

  4. Isn’t it ironic that when a player approaches contract time , their on field form increases proportionately.
    That’s why I fear Cherry Evans will never reach his full potential. He doesn’t have to impress anyone to keep his job.

    • DCE is the consummate professional. He gets criticised heavily because he signed a contract which is unheard of within the NRL. DCE will retire with more than 1 Manly premiership that I can assure you.

  5. Hopefully he resigns with Titans because he has been playing great so far this season and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is back in Origin

  6. What’s the go with that rule where the Titans player put in on Broncos players foot? He is just trying to play the ball and the opposition had his foot in the way. It should be the responsibility of the marker to not be in the way, that includes his foot. Penalty every day, and of course Broncos score off it.

    • You can’t have that as the rule otherwise the attacking player would look for the defenders foot every time. If the defender was standing over him and crowding him it would be different but that wasn’t the case, the defender was getting in a fair spot for first marker.

      • I disagree, it would be easy to avoid the penalty and easy to see when it’s deliberate. It was pretty clear he’s just trying to play the ball and the Broncos players foot was in the direct path of where he tried to put it down. It’s not like he placed it out in front or deliberately tried to put it on his foot. Plus, it is a rule and I’ve seen it called a penalty a lot.
        The Broncos player was not tangled up on the ground without a choice, he was up and getting to marker. Simple way to avoid the penalty is not put your foot there.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I think it was accidental from the Broncos player, but the Titans player did nothing wrong so they don’t deserve to lose possession.

        • I absolutely get your point. I just don’t want to open Pandora’s box by telling players they get a penalty from it. Because as soon as coaches know they’ll get a penalty the ball will land on the oppositions foot on the 5th and last every other set. It’s just what nrl coaches do. If they think they can get an advantage they’ll do it.

  7. I hope the Titans keep him. He’s an origin player. Not just a player who’s played origin. He’s exactly the sort of guy elgey and Taylor need there to protect them. Every great half has had a nutter to protect them alf had gordie, joey had chief, locky had tunza. Bird could be that guy for elgey and Taylor

        • Cowboys but I’m not hatin on the bronx, your ignorance just stirs me, how many teams you gotta trash talk on this site

        • Fair enough mate, not gonna try add 1 more argument to the list of arguments you’ve had on this site caused by this “banter”. Would’ve been nice to see if tonights game went the other way around, no credit at all.

  8. Well I reckon the Broncos got lucky tonight. The lions share of the 50/50 calls went their way. I thought ash Taylor was fantastic in a beaten side and the Titans didn’t beat themselves and didn’t give up. Kodi nikorimas try was great.

      • Did you really just tell me to neck up, you dead set disgrace of a human. You’re a pathetic excuse of a human. I don’t like flakes because of the dribble he spews. But he’s never bagged someone for their race and he’s never suggested someone kill them selves. You on the other hand are a complete moron. You dribble the same tired crap over and over again, show no respect to opposition teams, and can’t handle the heat when your side is defeated.

        You call me a parrot, but I consistently talk my own opinions, when you’re the only person on this site that routinely parrots the same excuses losers always use. You blame the refs when ever the Broncos lose. Even when they get beaten by 40. That’s what losers do, losers blame everyone else. Winners look at what they can fix. You call it banter but banter generally includes an exchange of wit, but you lack any wit what so ever.

        As a Broncos fan I do not think the Broncos get lucky every week. But I can see when things have gone their way like it does for all teams at some point in the year.

  9. Very good performance from both teams tonight. I still think the Titans are the dark horse for the eight. If they had Roberts and Shillington i dare say they would have won tonight. needed that bit more control. Either way once they get Elgey back next year it will be interesting. Very good time to be a Queenslander.

  10. I thought that the Titans played very well indeed given the common perception of them being one of the weaker clubs. Something to build on there I think.

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