Warriors eager to retain front-row pair


The Warriors are refusing to part ways with young front-row pair Charlie Gubb and Albert Vete who have attracted the interest of rival NRL clubs.

Gubb was recently denied a request for a release from his contract which ends next year, with grand final winners Cronulla one of several clubs reportedly keen on signing him.

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Vete is also contracted for next season but Fox Sports report the ambitious Gold Coast Titans are eager for him to join them in 2018.

“We took up Charlie’s option this year so he’s staying with us for 2017,” said Warriors recruitment manager Tony Iro.

“And so is Albert and he has an option for 2018. I’ve got no doubt he’ll be approached, but no he hasn’t asked for a release.”

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  1. Enough with this approaching contracted players crap. Fine any team found to be doing so. And sorry Cronulla, that means you to (atm from all accounts they seem to be one of the worst for it, which really is getting to me. I don’t like looking hypocritical).
    They are on a team option so when that was picked up then they are no longer approachable. Really why is that so hard.

    • They are allowed to be approached as the rules do state that ANY Player within the final 12 months of his contract MAY be approached after November 1.
      It is December now!
      Charlie Grub signed a contract and now has 11 months left on that contract.

      You are correct about Cronulla though they always seem to be breaking the rules as they were reported as doing so with Damien Cook.
      They supposedly approached him in September but the Rabbitohs response was swift and to sign him to a 2-year extension.

  2. The article last week was saying that gubb was approached by Cronulla for the 2017 season not 2018.
    I do not know too much about the D Cook situation but that seemed like a perfect opportunity for NRL to say “nope, this ain’t happening ” and squash it then and there. Rabbitohs fans shouldn’t have had to worry their current/future contracted star player was walking.

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