COFFS HARBOUR, AUSTRALIA - MAY 20: Mitchell Pearce poses after a team photograph for the New South Wales Blues State of Origin team at Novotel Coffs Harbour on May 20, 2015 in Coffs Harbour, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Pearce still has Origin career ahead of him: Sterling


Newly appointed NSW advisor Peter Sterling believes Mitchell Pearce still has a State of Origin career ahead of him and predicts the Roosters halfback could even be a captaincy contender if he makes next year’s side.

“I’ve got no doubt he has,” Sterling said. “Mitchell, if he can get everything in order as he needs to do, I think he’s up there with the best halfback in NSW.

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“I would like to he will come into reckoning, no doubt about that. It’s determined by how he starts the season off.

“Certainly Mitchell Pearce will be close to the top of the list when you’re looking at halves but there’s a lot of footy to be played before then.

“To some degree that’s why I’ve been brought in, I watch every player in every game every weekend have see every Origin ever played.

“I’d like to think I could have some good input there as to how we go in the halves and in other areas as well.”

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  1. But why? Been there, done that, but in Pearce’s case he’s done nothing in Origin to warrant being selected year after year. Stick with Maloney and Reynolds and get Sezer in there too ffs.

  2. Why??? He has delivered so much success for us in the past (tongue firmly planted in cheek).

    Time to move on. Out with the old and in with the young.

  3. Just when I was starting to gain hope that the addition of Sterlo and the subtraction of Bozo would turn the Blues around.

    I actually don’t mind the Blues picking Pearce at hooker but he should never ever ever get picked in the halves again.

  4. Sterlo, cut it out mate, Pearce halfback again? come on, has no licking game , can’t pass that well, and defence a bit sus , no way hosay, i’ll let this slip by Sterlo for now but no more please unless of course you were joking, yeah that’s it , it was a joke, ha ha i get it, but please no more jokes stick to commentary.

    • He must have a very good ” licking game” game actually, how else with such poor form, can he keep getting picked! Wait for Sterlo to bend over and “pucker up Pearcey!”

      All cool penso, I’m the king of typos and “K” and “L” are right next to each other, easily done. But funny nonetheless. 😉

  5. I’m going to assume that Sterlo was cornered for a comment by a reporter and Wayne Pearce was within earshot of him when he said this.

  6. I was so hopeful when I heard Sterlo had been appointed, and then immediately disheartened when I read this headline. BUT – where is the value in him ruling him out this early? Let him think that he is a chance, and he may behave and play like he is. And then he will be. And let his rivals know that there are still more contenders yet. Smart move really…

  7. Good club player. Pathetic at origin level. Proven time and time again that he’s not up to it.

    I like the idea of him player hooker more than half – but he doesn’t have to defence to be a hooker. The year QLD racked up the cricket score (2015) he let in about half dozen tries on his right side.

    If they drop Reynolds for him their kidding themselves. Sterlo I hope you are playing with the media….

    Should be Maloney and Cleary anyway…. but they’ll be too scared to bring him in so young. He would flourish in that company of player IMO.

  8. Just like I predicted, Sterlo, Daley, Fittler and Wayne Pearce are all part of the “elite old boys” club and mates with Wayne (Gould too). They have ALWAYS backed Mitchell throughout his career irrespective of his behaviour or form (even disregarding the better form of others). By the same token Farah is probably assured of his place as well. What a joke! I had hoped Sterlo would bring common sense and insight to the situation but to promote Mitchell’s name up the list when SOO is so far away, just signals their intentions.

  9. Yoda has watched every game ,, mmm so his first pick should be Jarod Crocker from Raiders ,,,,yeah !!! Pigs fly

  10. Total joke how many chances? He’s choked every game!

    Spine should

    Peats at hooker
    Maloney half
    A. Reynolds half
    Moylan FB

    If their form warrants selection but Pearce is a dead horse and due to his Dad they keep flogging him!

    Shame on the selectors

    • Tedesco fullback and Moylan/Austin/Josh Reynolds for utility. Knowing Daley he will put Hayne at fullback with Tedesco on the wing and Moylan won’t even be selected at all. If Tedesco is fit he should be fullback no questions asked.

    • @cloudsurffer: No disrespect to Moylan but Tedesco HAS to be the Blues FB. Totally agree with canterburybankstownbulldog4ver. As for the rest of your spine, totally agree (unless Damien Cook is starting hooker for Souths and reproduces the same for as the last 5 games of the regular season this year). Cleary will be ready in a year or two to take over at HB and by then Cartwright should be ready to come in to the back row. I would rather see him there sooner rather than later but his defence MUST improve first!

      • SSTID, time to come clean buddy. Are you Cook’s manager?

        I rate him, but he needs time too. Let’s give him a couple of seasons, unless he sets the world on fire in 1.

        Cloudsurfer, I agree with the comments re Tedesco at FB. I’d have him as FB for the Aussie side going forward

        • eelsalmighty, And Peats has done that much more? He has spent a lot of time out of the game and much of his time for the Titans in the back row, so?

          Just like me talking up Ponga (as well as Cook), perhaps I look too much at the potential but not enough at what they have actually done on the field.

          For the record, because of his defence and his ability to shift to the back row, Peats is a stronger choice for hooker for the blues ATM. Cook though would be great off the bench to break the game open but they need a more flexible utility like Jack Bird I think. At least we agree on Tedesco. He should be one of the first picked (at FB) if fit. He is terribly injury prone though which often rules him out when he has the best form leading in to SOO.

          • SSTID, I rate both players, but I like the experience factor when looking at rep players, all other things being equal, and their current age (do they have several years in front of them).

            Peats has got the experience, and in rep. footy that adds to their depth.

          • I’m siding with Captain Risky on this one.

            I remember Cook when he first came on the scene at the Bulldogs and thinking this kid will be the next Blues hooker. I hope he gets a chance to shine and isn’t put back in his box by Farah the Hut.

            Peats has had enough chances. He’s a solid choice but by no means a standout.

          • Are you looking for a “Robin” to make a “dynamic duo” Batman? Try as you might I don’t think the “Captain Risky” thing is going to pan out. Everyone here knows I’m a safe bet, nothing “Risky” about it.

            Don’t worry we will always have “The Notebook” (“American Beauty 2”). LOL 😂

            “Captain Risky” isn’t transferable to SSTID_1970 like “caped crusader” is for thebatman. Don’t want to confuse poor silvertail47 now do we? 😉

    • I wouldn’t go so far as to refer to Jennings as a “useless turd”, but agree his form this year didn’t rate Origin, and if it doesn’t improve (big time) he shouldn’t get a spot next year. Hayne would be a logical replacement, in that he should play, and I’d go Tedesco as FB.

      We’re (NSW) starting to have a good problem, in that we have a lot of choices, and some really tough ones as to who we leave out.

  11. think sterling has been around the media far to long than to say anything else,i think he would say the same if asked about a few players.

  12. 2017 –

    1. Tedesco
    2. Mansour 3. Croker (GK) 4. Leilua 5. T Trbojevic
    6. Moylan 7. Maloney
    11. Jackson 12. Graham 13. Frizell
    8. Woods (C) 9. Peats 10. R.James

    14. J Bird 15. Cordner 16 Klemmer 17. Fifita

    Pearce should be left right out. Cleary to come into the squad within the next year or two – alternatives Austin and Sezer. Drop Tamou who made about 20 metres in one of the SOO games last year – and if Croker and Leilua aren’t picked something very wrong with the NSW system (admitted if they keep their form up)

  13. Come on guys. Pearce has been wrongfully blamed for NSW losses. The 17 we’ve fielded compared to QLD have been hopeless in all honesty. It’s only been 2014 and 2015 the teams slightly getting it right. Adam Reynolds was strong defensively but lacked attacking flair or even his usual brilliantly strong kicking game this series. Maloney however was brilliant and should be first man picked. Pearce in his limited showings this year still produced many try assists and line break assists thus year averaging more than JT in both (average per game) he’s been playing well for the Roosters every year

  14. However Hayne for me showed enough glimpses to suggest with a pre-season under him that he could very find his 2014 which would see him our most valuable player… It was unfair to play him this season imo. Still he did produce countless try saving tackles eg Bodene Thompson, Jason Taumalolo, James Roberts etc and was great under the high ball I think he has to be in there. Tedesco does actually have utility value playing centre in 2013 for Italy at the world cup and doing a fine job aswell. Though he for some reason was shy to pass in origin probably not use to the line speed QLD had either way Hayne has to be there. Tedesco has to be and possibly Moylan but how?

  15. I’m interested in your 17 for NSW SSTID. Some players I mentioned earlier depend on form next year but mine would be something like
    1. Jarryd Hayne
    2. Josh Mansour
    3. Jarrod Croker/Joey Leilua
    4. Blake Fergusson/Joey Leilua/Dugan
    5. James Tedesco/Blake Fergusson
    6. James Maloney
    7. Adam Reynolds/Mitchell Pearce (form)
    8. Aaron Woods
    9. Nathan Peats
    10. Andrew Fifita
    11. Boyd Cordner (c)
    12. Josh Jackson
    13. Trent Merrin

    14. Matt Moylan/Jack Bird
    15. David Klemmar
    16. Tyson Frizzell
    17. Wade Graham

    Leilua is great with ball in hand but defense would worry me marking GI so he could be a pick on the left as Croker defense has imroved but still not to Jennings standards however Jennings plays like he’s guaranteed a spot… Named 2 backrowers plus a utility but Frizzell could handle prop or would shift Merrin in the front row when the first back rower is on. Peats over Cook. I just think Peats is more aggressive and his line speed is great I guess better suited to the team imo Cordner captain due to his ability to play 80 minutes

    • hayne2roosters(nowSanFran)

      I’d rather leave team lists for ScorinCoreyNorman, that “his thing”. I find them tedious to the extreme but…

      1. Tedesco
      2. Mansour (IF his knee is right)/BMoz (if Mansour is out)
      3. Hayne
      4. Leilua
      5. T. Trbojevic
      6. Maloney (C)
      7. A. Reynolds
      8. Woods
      9. Cook/Peats (form)
      10. Klemmer
      11. Cordner
      12. Jackson (Cartwright when he is ready, but not yet)
      13. Merrin

      14. J. Bird
      15. Fifita
      16, Frizzell
      17. Graham

      18. Moylan (would replace Tedesco or Maloney if unavailable)
      19. Boyd (if Fifita’s attitude is poor in camp), tough to leave Boyd out

      Note: Tempted to leave Merrin out swap Klemmer to 13 and bring in Boyd to start. Also, Bird is a great super sub but I would be very tempted to start him at centre (maybe instead of Leilua).

      Bottom line is it is way too far out to get a read but NSW can’t afford to make wholesale changes IMO.

  16. Mine would be…

    1. James Tedesco
    2. Josh Mansour
    3. Josh Dugan
    4. Jarryd Hayne
    5. Brett Morris
    6. James Maloney
    7. Mitchell Pearce
    8. Aaron Woods
    9. Robbie Farah
    10. Shannon Boyd
    11. Boyd Cordner
    12. Josh Jackson
    13. Tyson Frizell
    14. Jack Bird
    15. David Klemmer
    16. Trent Merrin
    17. Andrew Fifita

    I think Teddy belongs at fb! Hayne will be good in centre can defend inglis really good!! i think pearce if he’s in form because he’s a running half as adam reynolds isn’t really! i’d start tyson frizell at 13 due to trent merrin playing several positions! I think shannon boyd could start and fifitas impact will be vital! no doubt farah will be there next year!! but when he’s gone then peats! Cordner captain! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

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