SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 24: Tautalatasi Tasi, Cameron McInnes and Nathan Brown of the Rabbitohs looks dejected after a try during the round 16 NRL match between the Penrith Panthers and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at Pepper Stadium on June 24, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

McInnes wants out, clearing the path for Farah


Cameron McInnes is seeking a release from South Sydney in a move that paves the way for unwanted Tigers rake Robbie Farah to shift to Redfern.

Farah and McInnes have played their last NRL games at their clubs after both were forced to see out the season in reserve grade. While the hookers are contracted for 2017, they will need a fresh start to return to first grade.

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St George Illawarra are in need of a hooker and are the favourites to sign McInnes. The Dragons thought they had McInnes the last time he was off contract, but the rake used the now-extinct round 13 backflip clause to remain at Souths. McInnes has been used this year as the starting No.9 and a bench option, but the Rabbitohs’ most consistent football has been with Damien Cook steering the team out of dummy half over the past month.

Cook is expected to stay and provide support to Farah, who is likely to sign a two-year deal. The first season could be subsidised to the tune of up to $600,000 by the Tigers, who are keen to get the NSW hooker off their books. The joint-venture outfit has performed better without Farah in their side and are on the cusp of an unlikely finals appearance, justifying coach Jason Taylor’s decision to dump him.


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  1. Poor bunnies should just stick with cook. Off topic just heard Cameron Smith say the Broncos didn’t play in the spirit of the game the other night ! Hahaha guess what Cameron you especially and the rest of your teammates have been doing that for ten years now ! Wow he must be joking surely.

    • Did u see what milford did, Imagine that in a grand final, all the kids watching. of course thats fine with u,,no surprise coming from a doggies fan – throwing bottles at refs, tripping and kicking players in the face

      • im a bronco fan tasty and i will agree the refs were stupid to fall for that one, but, can you really not agree that smith and his side are not guilty of the same and similar tactics? come on mate they invented some of these fake penalties.

    • The worlds best player and all you want to do is hate on him for telling the truth. you are just coming across as being jealous because you don’t have a genius player like Smith playing for your club. He steers the Maroons around so well, NSW get smacked every year. He steers the Roos around and he does a damn good job of it. Grow up you sook and admit he’s a brilliant talent that the game hasn’t had for decades!!

      • I don’t think that anyone is making the argument that Smith isn’t a tremendous player. In all likelihood he will be a future immortal.

        However you say that you wouldn’t want kids to see what Milford did as it sets a bad example.

        What about when Smith tried to wrench of Thaiday’s head with that awful choke hold in a semi. Or when he signed two contracts for two different amounts. Or when he was trying to shift part of the blame for the McKinnon tackle onto McKinnon while the poor guy was still on the field next to him.

        He’s a terrific player and the best captain or hooker I have ever seen but to hear him talk about the ‘spirit of the game’ is laughable.

          • i remember melbourne storm holding brisbane in the scrum 1 time until slater went through a gap to win them the game, they got away with it even tho it was on replay, i wonder if that was a good look on the game? smith needs to suck it up.

        • 95% of footy fans will tell you that Cameron Smith is the biggest grub in the game, as been for a long time

        • 100% well said. Good player but not a glass house!

          Poor Tasty… Probably has a salty Tasty in his mouth right about now after that!

        • Moe,

          Smith did not sign 2 contracts for different amounts. One was for his salary and one was for 3rd Party agreements. Smith did not know that the 3rd party agreements pushed Melbourne over the cap so your implication is completely wrong.

          • Wrong again Ronnie, Smith signed two contracts. One for the nrl and one which included third party deals guaranteed by the club. Everyone knows that clubs can’t guarantee third party deals including Smith.

            On a lighter note how good was gal’s try on Saturday night!

      • Poor old Cam Smith, would have made the comment a few years back that he was a great Captain, but actually watching how he and the storm play makes me think otherwise. Still great in clutch moments, but for 78 minutes a game he is as grubby as the rest of them. The Storm were out enthused by a team who were quick in defense and showed a solid line. the fact that the Broncos didnt wrestle much meant that the Storm couldnt milk penalties like normal. Looks like Sticky found a game plan to beat them, and Old man Bennett had his kids deliver when needed.

  2. he can go but farah has already stated hes in no way going to rabbits so wishful thinking …believe that

  3. Outside of being cheaper then Rein I have no idea why the dragons or any club would sign McInness. He is solid but to be a successful team you need a hooker who can steer your pack around and pick the right time to scoot off the back of a quick play the ball. McInness doesn’t excel in either trait.

      • Your mate, I prefer people who aren’t as quick to anger or can accept constructive criticism without resorting to childish name calling. Each to their own though, I wish him no harm and hope the bunnies keep up their improvement next season for both his and your sake.

        • moeszyslak thanks for your comments i wish you no harm but i dont wish your team any improvement this year or next season. and for my mate itsonlyagame i think souths have done pretty good for his and my sake yes we are proud of SOUTHS.

        • hi moeszyslak at least you and louis123 found some common ground about mcuseless lets hope dudmcinnes walks or gets off loaded to stmerge ASAP… gee saints have nfi its being run by a club full of air heads….

    • Mate we could get Cameron Smith and it wouldn’t help this dud of a club. Until they get serious about coaching, sack the recruitment manager, the board, Craig Young, several players, they will be cellar dwellars for another decade. Worst dragons team in living memory. I’m so glad we swapped the chinless dud for the bald dud.

  4. Hooker go round, Segyeraro Rein Farah McInnes De Gios Strama Moseley

    Most the Hookers unwanted by there club and free to leave.

  5. Dragons go hard for Segyaro not McInnes.

    Just goes to show how stupid the Dragons are by bringing in Hutchinson in for one game, IF he is in our plans for next season then keep in the number seven.

    5/8 – Benji
    Half – Hutchinson
    Lock/fullback – Widdop


    • Dragons go hard for new coaching team, otherwise Mary will suck the talent right out of them. We’d turn an immortal into a dud at the moment.

  6. Thought Marshall should’ve been 5/8 all along he needs more room widdop in my opinion stifles the attack

  7. Honestly if Farah went to Souths it would spell the end to a Souths Premiership for 5yrs, Plus if he is indeed going the Tigers for Workplace Harassment and Bullying, why would any other team want him, when your not performing to how the team needs you to, you play reserve grade, simple as that. being on a mil a season means nothing.

  8. I always thought that if you replace a player with another player (Farrah>McInnes) the replacement player has to be better than the one you have.

    But in this case, compare Farrah with Cook: Cook is faster than Farrah; Cook can kick goals; Cook can tackle just as good as Farrah; Cook is quicker out of dummy-half than Farrah.

    The only thing in Farrah’s favour is experience and I don’t think that should count too much in this day and age. All of his experience is ”old” experience – the game has changed.

    Don’t sign Farrah, do let McInnes go, save some cash for an outside back.

    Glory Glory.

    • Forgetting the bit where he was the origin hooker this and for quite a few years and was one of the most consistent performers at that level for NSW?

    • we need to off load mcinnes he is a dud

      i dont mind farrah as long as cook stays

      just get rid of dud mcinnes and i am happy he offers nothing same as clark both these duds are nsw cup players….why clark was resigned is mind boggling im amazed howthe blinded-dumbo’s say all clubsneed a clarky type player well where in the cowsand broncos team is a clarky player??there aint nonethats why nowwe are lumbered with him for 2 yrs ffs omg its ludicris!!!!

  9. Constantly surprised how NSW based people quickly people forget a player if they are out for a while or sent to reserve grade.

    Doubt anybody in QLD is forgetting how solid Farrah has been for NSW over the recent years. Making 60 tackles a game and playing tough.

    I’ve no doubt if Souths get Farrah, it will be a huge boon to their team. Maybe he didn’t fit the tigers ethos but he fits the grinding, tough team (ie origin and most other teams at the top), perfectly – and Souths were that when they were at their peak.

  10. farah will be a very good asset at souths after all he was not happy at the tigpies and no player plays well when they are unhappy,souths spine is gradually coming together welcome to souths robbie farah….

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