SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 16: Cameron McInnes of the Rabbitohs looks dejected after a Broncos try during the round 19 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Brisbane Broncos at ANZ Stadium on July 16, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

McInnes wants clarity on Rabbitohs’ plans for Farah


Out-of-favour Rabbitohs hooker Cameron McInnes has urged Souths to let him know before the end of the season if the club intends to sign Robbie Farah as the hooking merry-go-round readies to swing into action.

The 2014 premiers are widely suspected to be luring Farah to Redfern on a cut-price two-year deal with the NSW State of Origin hooker languishing in reserve grade under a Jason Taylor shake-up at the Wests Tigers.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 16: Cameron McInnes of the Rabbitohs looks dejected after a Broncos try during the round 19 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Brisbane Broncos at ANZ Stadium on July 16, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – JULY 16: Cameron McInnes of the Rabbitohs looks dejected after a Broncos try during the round 19 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Brisbane Broncos at ANZ Stadium on July 16, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

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The Rabbitohs general manager of football Shane Richardson and coach Michael Maguire have both checked in on McInnes since the rumour mill went into overdrive and have assured the 22-year-old he has a future at the club.

But McInnes, axed from the NRL squad for the Rabbitohs’ last two clashes after a 50-point humiliation at the hands of Canberra, wants clarity over his future as soon as possible given Farah’s potential arrival.


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  1. Only reasonable that the kid should want to know where he stands but I doubt the bunnies would tell him until it is a done deal. Only way to prevent this situation is to perform, when you don’t perform you are at risk.

    • hey id give him clarity out the door you go with the other duds 2 good games a year does not guarantee you an nrl jersey. and dont hit the door on the way out.

      • louis123 you talk my lingo mate yeah kick all the duds to the chalmers street curb,and please mcinnes leave souths mate you aint a 1st grade player thats why your on my “”dud 13 list””

          • Hey. st merge dragon like sharing the missus get off the souths site and careful some cronulla supporter doesnt rip your jersey off and tear it and put it in the bin were it belongs.

          • [email protected]

          • [email protected] 42-6 what a flogging by the rorters today lovely to watch


        Michael Maguire will continue to shake things up, hoping to introduce some fresh faces to complement the experience they already have.

        Several players have been told they won’t be offered new deals, while a handful of others have been put on notice.

        Dave Tyrrell is believed to be free to explore his options despite having a year to run on his contract, outside back Michael Oldfield will not be at the club next season but Hymel Hunt is likely to stay at Redfern.

        Joining the Bunnies as a replacement for Dylan Walker in the off-season, 22-year-old Hunt impressed early in the season before tearing his pec.

        The Kiwi product who has had stints with the Gold Coast and Melbourne, has since returned to the field to finish the season and is understood to be close to signing a contract extension.

        Newcastle backrower Robbie Rochow will join the team next season after verbally agreeing to a one-year-deal, while the Rabbitohs have signed several outside backs from Penrith for 2017.

        Under 20s gun Braidon Burns looks headed for Redfern, along with brothers George and Robert Jennings.

        They have also snared Parramatta backrower and former junior Kangaroo Tyrell Fuimaono

      • Also, in the same article it’s mentioned in the hush hush section that a Sydney club is looking to offload a forward on a $250k contract and that they’ve had no interest, even while offering to pay $150k of that $250k…

        I’m betting that’s Dave Tyrell

      • interesting point to add is being that tonight is the last home game for the club, there will be the announcement of departing players. Will keep it updated

      • So Souths are 14th in NRL, Bears are 10th out of 12 in the NSW Cup and Souths U20s are 15th. Yet with the re-signing of Clark there looks to be no clean out at Souths

        These are appalling figures since 2014 id suggest a clean out has to begin now and not after round26 – CMON CROWE-PAC GET A MOVE ON US SOUTHS FANS DEMAND IT THE SAME WAY YOU DEMANDED US TO BE MEMBERS!!!!! SST I D

    • “”sack the dud 13″”
      clark (cant bend the line) nsw cup player)
      gosiewski (nsw cup player)
      agray (nsw cup player)
      greinke (nsw cup player)
      mcinnes (is as slow as a turtle) (nsw cup player)””go to stmerge””
      murphy (nsw cup player)
      nielsen (nsw cup player)
      oldfield (nsw cup player)
      siolo (nsw cup player)
      tasi (nsw cup player)
      turner (nsw cup player)
      tyrrell (past his use by date) (nsw cup player)
      whitelaw (nsw cup player

  2. Fair enough Cam. What’s going to happen to Damien Cook?

    I still remember when Souffs had Peatsey, Korisau and Luke. Now they’re buying 9s lool

  3. farahs expected arrival?? wheres proof thats even happening , as last count farah confirmed hes not going anywhere just 2 days ago this rumour has been going on a while , but 2 things , do you believe media or believe the man himself??? believe that

          • louis123 and jdrabbit and myself can see it why on earth did madge not see it about cook?everyone that saw cook at the dogs even briefly knew that he was a 1st grade player but madge persisted with mcinnes the dud nsw cup player at best.. geeez we all knew cook was a past australian life saving sprint champion surely that credential alone would of made madge think ohhhhh geez hang on why did i persist with mcuseless-turtle with limited or no skills and is slowwwww as a turtle in a wheel chair with no wheels and legs.wouldn”t you think that madge would of had an inclination that cook could get the forwards going forward with his blistering line speed??it defies logic and the mind boggles gentlemen…its a shame we let api koroisau go why on fug would we use and keep dudmcturtle and why keep clark i remember one game clarky was running then stopped in the middle of the paddock and just stood there like a deer in a car”s beaming headlights till the opposition ran up to him and put him on the deck. oh my god im getting worked up just look at kasiano he even gets the ball away why cant clark do that??ile tell you why he is a nsw cup player at best. and chalky says all teams need a jason clark?he has no idea this bloke has no idea at all some people just cant see it well i disagree clark cant bend the line he is too small and adds nothing unlike musgrove or newcomer young gun crichton. tell me would clarky make the bench in a top 4 team today? perish the thought as chopper read would say i just hope furner gets in madge”s ear next year because something is not right here at souths!!!please sack the “”dud 13″” starting with tyrrell and nielsen just alone these 2 duds would never see the light of day at the broncs or a cowboys or storm or sharkies bench ohhhhh im in pain but i did just renew my families membership S S T I D…

    • mcinnes is no good in any position look at young angus crichton now he has ability unlike slow turtle no legs mcturtle

      • You know that I don’t agree with much you say, but I am pleased to hear that you have renewed your membership with Souths. That alone shows that you are a passionate fan.

        The next step is to put some constructive criticism behind your thoughts. Glory Glory.

        • chalky i softened up i am irate with the nrl”s running of the game and its rules not everyone agrees with each other thats what makes life so interesting,i am angry why souths have accumulated “”13 duds”” playing 1st grade?? only aaron gray on my dud list of 13 nsw cup players would possibly get a bench seat in a top 8 club today and even that is a slim chance and is highly debatable. Rusty and Packer in 2017 and beyond need to look over what madness has engulfed souths since 2014….. G L O R Y G L O R Y N E V E R E N D S S S T I D

    • chase22 it was talked about putting mcuseless at lock id prefer that he goes to stmerge and that we pick up someone else with REAL TALENT…..mcuseless has no talent we will see tomorrow how cook gets our forwards moving forward unlike mcuseless he is just that USELESS!!!!!!if he was used at lock the problem is he may sneak his way back to the no9 position and thats something our team does not need period……mcuseless needs sacking get rid of him he is surplus to our team”s needs……..

  4. itsonlyagame your spot on about M’Cuseless he is not a first grade player. i have been saying all year Cook should be our number 9 he can play 80 mi, he gets the forwards rolling by running to the line, he makes good meters from dummy half and he can defend. Unfortunately madge couldn’t see that until it was too late.
    Let M’Cuseless go to the drag queens he will fit in well there, in fact he can take the rest of the dud 13 with him. Go the mighty Angus and bruiser Musgrove.

  5. i cant understand the logic at the moment with Richo. first he says there are a lot of players who wont be getting a contract at south’s next year because they didn’t perform, then he resigns Clark for 2 years and now i am hearing brown might not get a contract and they are talking to Fensom and Vaughn from canberra. WTF IS GOING ON RICHO…

    • jdrabbit give richo time i do have faith in richo he is a very sharp administrator give him time to clean up the mess at souths,we have to resign brown you would be mad not too,dont get me started on clarky he is a dud with a capitol D…and if we resign tyrrell surely to god this cant happen…

    • jdrabbit good to see your passion mate your really fired up!!!!good 4 you cobber keep up that great south sydney spirit…

  6. Itsonlyagame i agree %100 Clark is NSW cup player at best and Tyrrell has gone well past his UBD. As for Brown we better not lose him or i will be very disappointed with Mr Richardson. Keep an eye out for young Cam Murray Playing for Norths at the moment.

  7. jdrabbit yes i agree wholeheartedly on your post,as for cam murray he is coming along just fine lets hope we shed a few duds from the “”dud 13 list”” we truly need to buy wisely unlike the past 2 years its been nothing less than an abysmal disaster in the recruiting dept. thank god we sacked grant jones he was a true dud as our recruitment officer.richo needs to go after mark hughes he is as sharp as a tack in sniffing out a future star on the horizon hughsey recruited quite a few top players when he was employed at redfern…so Richo give hughsey a call ASAP RICHO OLD MATE!!!!

  8. You two guy’s make me sick, what a bunch of no hoppers you are, so both you guy’s think you know better than the coaching staff? Clarke is a premiership winning second rower who does the hard yards in the middle, a no frills player who tackles his heart out and does not get the respect from moron’s like you, cause, you just don’t understand what it takes to be team player, you can’t see that, perhaps if you played game you may understand , it’s easy to comment looking from the outside, but i suspect both you guy’s have never played the game at a top level or any level for that matter, so your opinion doesn’t rate. So please spare us your useless comments.

    • penso ile give you a tip normally i dont talk out of school ok it seems you know nothing about rugby league my inside source at souths said these words are you listening penso?why would you resign clark whom cant bend the line and is a nsw cup player and this is from a very high source at souths whom is an ex 1st grade player at souths whom played and won in grand finals so many years ago,anyway i thought id let you know penso because your wrong sorry to be the giver of truth!!!my mate also said tyrrell is the same and nielsen and oldfield and murphy and mcinnes that is why i wrote up my dud 13 list he also said aaron gray is not a 1st grader so hows those apples mate….louis123 and jdrabbit know their footy as do myself hmmmm its ok mate not everyone can see that some players are duds….. im not having a go at you personally im just stating the obvious it just seems you aint got a clue sorry mate but you definitely dont know a nsw cup player to a 1st grade nrl player….anyway go the bunnies tomorrow night…SS T I D

      • I’m with penso. Clarke is a solid player, one of those guys that will never be a star but can just be relied on to do his job. Most of the others of your dud 13 you refer to as nsw cup players only, but most of them are actually only nsw cup players. Tyrell, turner, Gray and McInnes are the only regular 1st graders on your list. I see turner as similar to Clarke but really you want 1 at least one second rower to be a strong ball runner so maybe not room for both him and Clarke. Gray is a very good player, his performances will reflect this if/when the forwards perform and give him space. No outside back performs well when the forwards don’t.
        Agree tyrell and McInnes should not be regular 1st graders at any club.

        • gregjm do you think jason clark is good enough to play for the broncos or cowboys today?being solid or being a family man dont cut it with me he is not a 1st grade player i dont see any players playing for the broncos or the cowboys of the same calibre as jason clark…..if there is one please tell me which players are of the same ilk as clarky…..even my mate who won and played in many a souths grand final win says clark is not a 1st grade player he would know he bled red and green in many a final none of us did, so i would take his word not penso”s or yours or even my word on this topic my mate knows unlike all of us on here!!!!

        • signing jason clark is a step in the wrong direction for our club he is a dud souths should had signed nathan brown and musgrove already not clark ffs

        • aaron gray looks great at the back of our 2014 side send him to the knights today and see how much of a 1st grade player he is he is not a 1st grade player my mate in souths heirachy said so, so ile take his word for it even i know gray is a dud he will never be a terry fahey aka the redfern express thats for sure…..he is nowhere near terry fahey”s standard and never will be or maybe penso might think aaron gray is as good or better than terry fahey???if he thinks that he has no idea!!!!

    • Penso do you think the broncos or the cowboys or the storm or the sharks or even the bulldogs would have all of these (13 players) in their full-time squad in 2016?and lastly which players on my list would make the bench or run on side for these 5 clubs ive stated above?And another question what clubs would welcome all of these (13 players) into their full-time squad??And which clubs would you suggest would take them if none of the above (5) teams wanted them all??

      clark (cant bend the line) nsw cup player)
      gosiewski (nsw cup player)
      agray (nsw cup player)
      greinke (nsw cup player)
      mcinnes (is as slow as a turtle) (nsw cup player)””go to stmerge””
      murphy (nsw cup player)
      nielsen (nsw cup player)
      oldfield (nsw cup player)
      siolo (nsw cup player)
      tasi (nsw cup player)
      turner (nsw cup player)
      tyrrell (past his use by date) (nsw cup player)
      whitelaw (nsw cup player

      • penso out of the (dud 13) greinke is untested maybe ile have to call my new list the (dud 12) here”s hoping…


        • louis123 gosie is a mullumbimby boy i hope he holds his own next year becoz at present we are 2 props short and 2 backs short i believe unless a few of the young guns that are signed for next year excel….we need to go after moa from the rorters i am a fan of kapow that went to manly i reckon kapow would had been a great addition at souths if we had of gone all out for him i do rate him but he seems to have gone off the rails at manly with his natural game maybe barrett is changing his playing style…

    • you must be a relative of j.clarke 2 years ago his form was great not any more comes on drops the ball gives away penalties makes no metres read it in the sydney morning herald i think he has really bad stats and no i would not have resigned him because his a great family man but used that money to keep musgrove and brown.


      • louis123 clarky is on my dud list and thats where he will remain,browny played really well off the bench last night he is an asset for our go ahead in the forwards dept….

  9. Why wold they want Farah? They’re nuts if so. Damien Cook is there for a reason. Use him, he is way better and he can get things going around the ruck area.

    • youre right they put d.cook in when souths had so many injuries what did they expect him to do when all the forwards were dropping the ball first tackle. and no metre gains clarke tyrell turner etc.

      • louis123 + jdrabbit we dont need farah although he would bring in a wealth of knowledge and a new club may be what robbie needs in his career after all he is the current nsw hooker and he is not a dud like mcinneswho is a dud,remember lote everyone poked fun at him and he was 2-3 years older than farah is today and lote ran it out from the goal line on many occasions helping out our forward pack. wow lote was an inspiration!!!if it means retaining cook and buying farah to off load mcinnes i am all for it id prefer cook playing behind farah than how its been with cook playing behind mcinnes and just look how that all went it was a big failure!!!anyway cook can play a number of positions unlike mcinnes…..

  10. i just read that souths have possibly signed a top 18 year old youngster from parramatta named dale hurley it may be gossip if true lets hope he is a lot better at age 18 than any of the (dud 13) on my list we dont need any more duds!!!!!!! how can we be a competitive (top 8 team) with these (13 duds) in our squad in 2016 you would have to have bricks for brains if you think they are all 1st grade nrl players. id suggest they are all 1st grade players of ESL standard id accept that if they were all in england then id say yes they are all 1st grade players lol


      • louis123 love ya 2 bunny m8 i agree with your post keep up your great passion its infectious lol…………. S S T I D

  11. I think Cam needs to shut the hell up, put hes head down , train hard , work on hes game and earn hes spot….Having potential wont get you a guaranteed FG jumper. If he goes to the Merge its not because hes better than Rein, just cheaper. I think he will become a good FG player but to demand clarity when hes been in and out of FG is dangerous. On current form who will take him????

    • not too many clubs would want mcuseless slow turtle he would not be no9 at any of the top 8 teams in 2016 at present thats for sure why was he souths no9 the mind boggles??…..thats why many pray he goes to stmerge…i hope cook makesa fist of it i cant stand mcinnes he is too slow off the pace its not funny sure he can defend but so too could bully but at least bully got us going forward mcuseless cant its a fact……madge perservered too long with mcinnes if we used cook only we have made 8th spot….even though we are well below half the team as in 2014.

  12. RICHO needs to put the big bad broom stick thru my “”13 players dud list”” if we are to be a force again ASAP….S S T I D

  13. Thank god gregjm is with me, we are all on the same page in regards to South’s being successful is just that some people have different idea’s on how it should be done.
    So itsonlyagame are you saying that maguire and Richo are useless in there opinions on player retention? why doesn’t your ex first grade guy take charge? Brown gives away to many penalties , he is not the answer, just be patient it will work out, and has for your opinion on me knowing nothing about rugby league, at least i have played the game and have my own opinion and if you knew the people i know , well you would have a different respect, but, at least i give my opinions myself and not rely on some has been first grader , cheers

    • oi penso nathan brown is a zillion times better than clark and tyrrell combined we are definitely not on the same page as i am with louis123 and jdrabbit…im glad your not our souths coach glory glory S S T I D

  14. oi penso grant jones was the recruitment officer and richo whom is a great administrator was not at the helm from 2014 till this year john lee the ex souths dud ceo had a lot to do with whom we bought after 2014 madge did not have all the say on buying players or on retention. i know madge personally and my mate was not a has been ex player he won many 1st grade premierships with souths and is a regular on tv on ch9…..anyway great grit tonyt by our boys S S T I D

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