BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 08: Jordan Kahu of the Broncos scores a try during the round nine NRL match between the Brisbane Broncos and the Penrith Panthers at Suncorp Stadium on May 8, 2015 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

Jordan Kahu could stand between Benji Marshall and centres


Jordan Kahu idolised fellow Kiwi Benji Marshall as a teenager, but he could block the veteran’s path to a full-time NRL return at Brisbane.

Kahu was spotted training in the left centre position at Broncos training on Monday, the same position Marshall is considered most likely to fill if he plays on a week-to-week basis in 2017.

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Kahu is considered to be the most versatile player in the Brisbane backline.

The 25-year-old spent most of the last season playing on the wing, however, with the retirement of Jack Reed and the acquisition of David Mead, a shift to the centres in 2017 could be the most likely option.

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  1. Kahu is too good to be on the wings and Benji is well… Benji
    I reckon keep Oates on the wing as its his better position and Broncos have alot of good forwards in waiting

    1. Boyd
    2. Oates
    3. Kahu
    4. Roberts
    5. Mead

  2. nobody cares ..hunt is whinging that much hes going to be gone anyway … by next week or so the news that segyaro is a shark will be hitting the nrl world stay tuned now thats news not this …believe that

    • Didn’t you say this a couple of weeks ago? “Segeyaro will be signed by the Sharks by the end of the week” it was something like that I think. Anyway you guys are getting Jayden Hodges probably, not Segey, why not keep your cash for the end of next year when Gallen and co retire?

  3. Kahu has played too well and has been too consistent to lose his place in the centres. He was already developing a handy combination with Oates before he got injured. Oates is a good finisher but his deficiencies fielding the ball (both high and along the ground) have been exposed and he will be targeted as his confidence to attack the ball has now been brought into question. Unfortunately he is still probably not ready to move into the forwards but could be a useful utility off the bench and may even be able to cover centre.

    Let’s face it, Benji is NOT a centre! Too late in his career to learn a new position, too slow, too weak defensively and he runs across field! Benji needs to play in the halves and play more direct with options running off him and then try to run as often as he can… straight and at space! I feel however that Benji’s main contribution to the Broncos (as I believe Bennett always intended) is to share his experience, knowledge and skill with Milford and Hunt and by his presence in the squad to “motivate” them to put in their best effort each week for fear of being replaced. Too many times last year both Hunt and Milford were MIA and Bennett is not about to let this happen again.

    My best attacking Broncos back line would be as follows:

    1. Milford
    2. Mead
    3. Kahu
    4. Boyd
    5. Roberts
    6. Marshall (if Marshall fails move Boyd to 5/8, he will end up there eventually anyway)
    7. Hunt

    Utility: Oates
    Centre backup options: Marion Seve and Tom Opacic

    Yes I KNOW Boyd was Dally FB of the year but the Broncos need to draw on his versatility and take best advantage of Milford being able to attack both sides of the field while hidden from the defence. Boyd creating for Roberts… how frightening is that?

    • There’s nothing that excites me , I can’t see attack unless it’s completely structured, I can see it , broncs attacking ,ball comes to benji annnnd STOP ,then go , sideways , momentum lost, even milf relys heavily on stop start and he to goes sideways but still has his speed , broncos are a 6.5 out of 10 side , min 8 to make the finals this year

      • Like I said, Boyd is a leader in the team, he can run and pass the ball, he can organise (like he does from FB), he is practically playing as a second 5//8 now. If I was coaching I would play him at 5/8 and take advantage of Milford’s speed, athleticism, unpredictability and sheer brilliance at FB. Boyd never looks dangerous running the ball back in the way that Milford, Barba (at his best), Slater or Inglis does (and as snake once did). He is good defensively, as an organiser, as a second 5/8 and as a safe pair of hands but he is not an attacking weapon. If the Broncos want to go up a gear in 2017 they need to sharpen their attack.

        Benji played in two sides that lacked structure and any real attacking decoys or outside threats to allow him to feint, dummy and run. Look at most of those games and his team mates would stand around flat footed watching him. Like Cody Walker, Benji is not fast over a long distance but he is still quick enough to break the line if there are options around him. If he can’t run direct, north/south (i.e. forward) then he might as well give the game away. He can’t tackle well enough to play at hooker or in the centres so there is really little other option for him.

        Yes, if the Broncos don’t change their line up, play Roberts in the centre instead of wing and through Marshall into the other centre position, they will miss the 8 IMO as well. Too bad Kevy Walters wasn’t running the show, he would shake things up I’m sure.

        • I can’t see Boyd being moved, and to be honest don’t think he should be. What the Broncs need is for the forwards to be more dominant. This will give Hunt and Milf more chances and will allow them to get their confidence back. Allow Milf to play both sides of the ruck as you have suggested, but do it from five eighth, and get Hunt responsible for directing the team. The whole left and right thing annoys me, if you have a player with the natural ability of Milford, allow him to play what he sees, don’t tie him down.

          I do agree with moving Roberts into the centres, he and Kahu are their best centre pairing I think.

          Like I said a couple of days ago, Bennett seems to be past it, and I think he know it. That is why he didn’t allow Walters back into the staff, he is a threat to his job.

          • Forgot about Moga too, he is probably a better option at centre, leaving Kahu on the wing. Perhaps they can be interchangeable? What is Moga like defending kicks?

          • eels47

            I agree Moga should get a shot in the centres at some point. Even though Roberts is currently playing at right centre I believe he would be more dangerous and contribute more playing on the wing. Although I am sure Boyd and Milford will stay where they are I think Milford needs to be able to run with the ball in space (and on either side of the field) a lot more without having to concentrate on creating for others.

          • as far as Roberts go, it wont be long til he is sacked, from his 4th or 5th club?
            IMHO he was lucky to make it through last season.
            Oates won’t be long in the backline, he will be in the backrow at some stage in the near future regardless of ability. he is a little similar to Tony Williams when he came into grade, a big unit who played well on the wing but then got too big for it and made his way to the backrow. Oates is only young but will continue to grow and end up being too big for a wing and his hands are not good enough for centre.
            I am also hoping that 2017 is the year the broncos fail, or at least come farther back to the pack. Nothing would give me more pleasure (well a Manly wooden spoon might do that lol) than seeing the media rip them apart for the failings and finally give other teams some much needed airplay in Brisbane and SEQ.

    • You DO realise that given your pick there is only ONE real option there, right? I don’t think the Sharks will let Bird go though. I’m just sorry Souths couldn’t keep Joe Burgess after he finally came good!

      • haha. A manly fan bagging parra recruitment. Taufua is better than uate.
        Vave craps over all of your forwards.
        Make sure you disappear once the season starts like holmsey did last year or we will laugh at you …. a lot

          • Ever won 3 prems in a row dhead ?
            Not likely to either before mwse are disbanded by the NRL.
            Remember the jennings mother slur you put online ? I got a screenshot. 😁

        • phatty your club is a disgrace you rorted the cap and still came last. There isn’t a bigger joke in the sporting world than the parramatta eels. how many spoons have you won? and when was your last premiership and we’re you old enough to witness it? The doldrums eels and Brad authur the bottom 8 king what a joke. gutherson is your best and he’s a manly boy. thanks for ruining forans career. and Sandow. and beau champions. and Jennings. and hahaha the list could just go on couldn’t it good luck Rd 1 champ lol

          • tommy got bit of a chip on your shoulder or something?
            As far as ruining the careers of the names you mentioned, they were all broken before they got to the eels,
            Whilst it wasn’t documented at the time, it became fairly obvious early on in the piece that Foran was already damaged goods and issues at Eels brought it all out in the open.
            Champions career was already ruined – he was playing NSW Cup majority of the time prior to signing – eels gave him a final opportunity.
            Sandow only came for the money, on his day a good player but too loose a cannon who couldn’t follow rules.
            Jennings career ruined? 2016 showed he still had it, getting older but still one of the better centres running around.
            But don’t let the facts get in the way of your argument

          • Agree with everything there billy, but to be fair I think tommy was looking to bait phatty a bit more. He is a bit of a whipping boy for the Manly fans don’t forget.

          • hahaha eels47 – I knew that was the case, but cant let an opportunity slip when someone lays the slipper in to our mob without due reason.

      • TommyT,

        In regards to Tafua, I think he’s such a confidence player that if the team is doing well, he’ll do well. I’d be prepared to give him another season. That’s if no one is knocking the door down.

        He struggles under the high ball – that’s my only real beef with the bloke. He’s an awesome finisher and he’s one
        of the top wingers when running out of our 20m.

        He’s done a lot for the Eagles but i think his days are numbered. Especially with $1.3mill to spend for 2018 season.

        • I loved him in 2013 I think without matai he can’t read the play that’s why he cost us many a try last year. always out of position. His defence is terrible at times. It’s gonna be sad without matai there one of the all time manly greats he literally bleed for us.

          • Yep agree about Matai. No one could quite “defend” like Matai.

            But Walker is an outstanding centre and only 22. Kelly is only a youngster also and has huge potential if all the reports are correct. Lock in Turbo, DCE, Green, Hastings for the next few years and it’s a fairly potent backline.

            We need some quality long term wingers. There’ll be Uate, Tafua, Omar and the 2 Wrights to choose from this year. Long term we may buy some or we also have some stars knocking on the door in Schuster and Parker.

            Exciting times and money in the bank. 2017 will be a rehearsal for 2018/19.

  4. I don’t think Kahu or Marshall are good enough defensively to play centre for the Broncos. Of all the Broncos’ centre options Moga and Roberts individually offer the best combination of effective attack and resolute defence. With Mead joining and Oates having been sensational on the wing I don’t even think Kahu is one of the Broncos two best wing options. As for Marshall he is a five eight and should be playing back up to Milford.

      • Roberts missed about 9% of his tackles last season which was the best of the Broncos centre options. Moga only missed 8% for the Cowboys, while regular back liners Kahu (38%) and Oates (27%) were pretty terrible in that department.

        • Seriously, sometimes reading your comments can be painful. How many games has Moga played for the Cowboys? He played none last year (I’m pretty sure) he certainly hasn’t been assured a position. You rely waaaaaay too much on stats it’s ridiculous.

  5. kahu who?? just another 1 hit wonder with hunt making excuses at training each session like a sook he wont be there long , marshall will get his spot and the donkeys will struggle , might make top 8 but thats all write them off now …believe that

  6. I think Oates will make the transition to the back row this year, whether it be starting or off the bench, but this should be the year that he does it. Opens up a wing spot for Kahu or Roberts to the wing and put Kahu in at centre. And the Broncos have to play Roberts on the other side of the field. Last year they liked to attack down Milfords side, swap Roberts to that side instead.



  7. My personal opinion is that neither Kahu or Marshall (especially Marshall) are centres. Kahu is a serviceable winger but not dangerous enough for centre. Marshall is not really a first grader now days and certainly doesn’t have the size or speed to play centre.

  8. Off topic here, but just read that Thaiday is recovering from a fractured his eye socket in England playing the poms, and guess who he ran into and got the injury? yep that grub James Graham, how many players have suffered a similar fate, the NRL needs to keep a close eye on this grub of a player, there are just too many cases of players getting injured in that region from that player to be a coincidence

  9. Seriously so many of you have no clue saying roberts should ne moved to the centres when he already is a centre saying boud should be moved from fb saying kahu isn’t good saying oates shouldn’t be wing. Please go and actually watch a few games this will be and should be their backline
    1. Boyd. He is the best fb in the game indefeated at international level he shluld of been fb of the year does a lot more off the ball then most fbs
    2. Mead. He should get first crack very experienced and pretty reliable not the player he used to be but i imagine he will edge out opacic for a spot
    3. Kahu. Gun player you guys are idiots if you think he is average constantly moved around the backline makes it harder to perform but was the kiwis best player at fb mid year
    4. Roberts. Can score a try from anywhere and has been a centre for years so idk why people are saying move him to centre i mean do you want to move gi to fb no cos he’s already there
    5. Oates. He will be the wing and so he should be to start last season he was probably the in form winger of the comp makes plenty of metres out wide great runner of the ball hard to bring down.
    6. Milf. He will be 6 should be allowed to roam free but he has to be 6 cos boyd is too good at 1
    7. Hunt. Didn’t look as good as 2015 but wasn’t bad last year at all he will play 7 and direct the play if not benji will play 7 but first choice is definitely hunt
    Benji will miss out i honestly think he’s there to teach milford and for back up nikorima will be bench taking up that role amd opacic will be in if any backs underperform

  10. Another thing about oates why the hell would you move him back row?
    2 current australian back rowers a former kiwi back rower who is behind some absolute gun kiwi back rowers and a bunch of promising young back rowers

    • Oates says he wants to play back row, he is good enough to make the transition. I believe he played there in his junior years as well. It’s not like he would be the first to go from the forwards to the backs, one of the most recent ones (if you count the halves in the backs), Curtis Sironen. He used to be a five eighth, now he is a back tower. Oates could play second row, but I think he should come off the bench to learn how to play second row before starting.

      Also Alex Glenn will most likely be a Warrior in 2018, he is at the top of their recruitment list. Thaiday is getting older, and I think will retire in the next 2-3 years. Ese’ese is a front rower in pretty sure.

      That leaves Gillett, Su’a, Pangai, and Arrow. Arrow will be the future starting lock. Gillett will be locked into one second row spot. Pangai I think is best suited to be an impact player. Su’a could be a starting second rower but he is only young, still might have another couple years developing.

      So why shouldn’t Oates play second row?

  11. Also as much as it pains me to say it 💉🗡…

    Believethis looks like he might be right for the first time (and last 🙂) this season. It seems that’s Cronulla is willing to pay the massive transfer fee on Segeyaro. I’m curious as to whether they will pick up Hodges, anyone any clue where he’s going?

  12. Hey guys happy new year! I hope I didn’t miss much haha…… Does anyone else think that this whole Benji thing is just PR to make us talk more about the broncos? I personally think he will be in Qld cup/back up half and was always going to be, unless a injury occurs.

    • Welcome back jayy12. Like I said shortly after he signed with the Broncos, Benji hasbeen, sorry has been signed as a halves coach and personal motivator for Milford and Hunt. Bennett is getting too frail to wield “the big stick” so he has to find other ways “to flog his dead horse!” Benji will be a damn good depth covering in case of injury and to cover the rep rounds when the Broncos traditionally free fall down the ladder.

      Btw, you didn’t miss much… just “War of the Worlds” followed by a repeat of “The Great Escape!” and I was Steve McQueen in “The Cooler” with the baseball and glove! Da Donk! Da Donk! Da Donk! Da Donk!

      • Stavy, and it’s a genuine question, what’s your solution?

        From a (distant) outsiders perspective there’s a lot of talent in the squad, but it doesn’t seem to gel as a team. Is it the coach, as most would suggest, and to be honest I suspect that’s part of the problem at least, or is it just bad combo’s?

        I think, and I’ll probably get crucified by some for it no doubt, McInnes was a good pick up, and if you change something in your halves (take a punt and do something different) and run Dugan at FB you can turn it around.

        • They need a halfback that’s a good organiser with a decent kicking game, someone who could allow Dugan and Widdop to concentrate on their running games rather than thinking about whats going to happen in 3 tackles time.

          • Titans, fair call, and that’s how I read it as well.

            If the players back Mary, I think they could start to turn it around this year, but if not the Dragons will do it tough for a few years to come. If the players don’t back Mary, they (the Dragons) will have to go extremely hard on a new coach or it will get ugly (class players off contract / expensive to attract new, or retain existing, players etc).

        • There isn’t too many solutions to the situation other then going in-house with Nona or McCrone. I’d lean towards using Nona first, to mix up the attack and see if we can actually score points with that combo. When Widdop and Mccrone played together, their style of way is pretty similar (angle running towards sidelines)

          I’d keep Dugan at FB, but if he’s content on playing in the centres then I’d give Matt Dufty first crack, speed to burn with good vision, I’ll be interested to see whether Widdop plays in the 6 or 7.

          We have good juniors coming up through the ranks that are pretty young and unless we’re certain for the spoon then we should blood them.

          I’m gonna go against the grain and say they need a halfback that is a bit more instinctual, but depends on how Mary wants the team to play.

          To be honest I don’t know if Mary is the right guy for the job, he’s an absolute club legend but seems to more poised for motivating players rather then the tactical aspect of the game.

          No lie I’d love to have Hunt in the squad but I don’t see how we open up cap space for him after signing that forward from the Raiders for a crazy amount.

          • Stavy, as a Parra supporter I know only too well about the “vicious circle” (if the club’s not doing well it’s harder / more expensive to retain / attract players). As per my comments above, and purely as an outsider looking in, I think it now comes down to your coach, and by that, as much in player confidence in the coach as his actual ability.

            I hear you on Dugan, but when you don’t have money to burn, you can’t run him as a centre (and I hope he can see that).

            On the plus side, I actually rate McInnes, and if you have a few young guys that can step up (take the opportunity to build their careers) then you can rebuild from here, otherwise buy the best coach you can afford, and cross your fingers.

            In all honesty, good luck to the Dragons (except when you’re playing Parra of course).

      • I could always post something new but I’m worried it could be viewed as a lapse in thinking. I’m not wearing a protector ATM to guard against low blows so I really don’t want to take the risk and next time they put me in a box they are going to nail it shut! We tried to jazz things up to get through the boring end of season lull but due to recent controversy the SSTID and st47 show has been cancelled folks this is now “normal programming”. Enjoy! 🙂

        • SSTID can you remember when you could post items on South’s website? Some people got carried away about players, coaches etc and it became so ugly Souths stopped the whole process.

          I hope that doesn’t happen here.

          • chalky

            I hope it doesn’t happen either. I have always tried to be positive and bring a little humour to the site. I may have indulged a “bit” at times but I have always had the best intentions. Like I have said repeatedly, I have never posted anywhere before joining ZT a few months ago. I had intended a new start to the New Year and to learn from my “rookie season” but got ambushed on New Years day when I was still a little high in “spirits” and yes, while TUI had a “lapse in thinking”. Still waiting (after several requests) for ZT to delete the personal information I shared (if not the entire record of the carnage!) but to date it has been left untouched. For the good of the site it should all be removed IMO. If a few people here hit “report comment” it would be removed but then I would also be “removed” along with it so it is a win/win for many people here. 😉

            I never posted on the Souths website by the way (even though I did create a profile on the site with the same user name to talk to itsonly… before he went mad!)

            For the record, I noticed some scum bag here “appropriated” my handle (SSTID_1970) to post on a forum dedicated to escorts/brothels. I found this while googling my handle NOT these sites btw. I guess I wasn’t prepared to come up against people who are so unscrupulous (the same sort that uses a persons personal details to launch a public attack!)

            From this point on I intend to follow the advice you and eels47 have given me repeatedly… emphasis on the work “intend”.

            Now that’s off my chest I will try to turn the page…

          • @Milton, mate I was so livid. How someone could be that low and disgusting for petty revenge in an attempt to embarrass me because they haven’t got what it takes to face me head on is beyond pathetic! I didn’t read anything but I was surprised to see my “unique” handle appear on a Google search.

            But I digress… sorry ZT, I’ll be good. 🙁

            Btw, to be fair to ZT they have been pretty tolerant so I will try to lift my game.

          • hmmmmm, lucky you don’t use the “South’s Til Death” acronym. That would not be a good association for an escort agency / brothel.

          • Since holmsey first dropped the “B” word It has been mentioned 6 times now on this forum! Careful or a casual observer might think they have come to the wrong forum. 😱

          • I nearly went mad in “the cooler”. I don’t want to go there again when I feel I still have much to contribute. I’ve been a baaaad boooiyeee billy! 🙁

          • One of my fave sayings to my kids is “don’t poke the bear” – so just watch out for those people whose intent is to poke the bear and all should be sweet….also those who mention the word “toxic” lol

          • I bought a gas mask billy 😷 so toxic “gas” doesn’t worry me anymore. I was caught off guard by someone I did not expect to throw one at me and got “Rousey’d”. From now on I will keep my guard up. 2017 is a new year so no more rookie mistakes here champ.